Thai parasailors win gold and bronze at Southeast Asia parasailing championship

MONDAY, APRIL 01, 2024

Thailand's top parasailors have clinched Gold and Bronze medals at the Southeast Asian Parasailing Championship held in Hong Kong.

The four-day championship welcomed sailors from Hong Kong, China, Mainland China, Macau, Thailand, Nepal, Jordan, New Zealand, and the Philippines, and it was Thitapa Saelim and Supakit Duangngern (coach) who won Gold in the Hanse 303 Double-Handed Class with Boonkoed Ratchaporn and Edward Hart (coach) secured Bronze.

"We’re so proud of the Thai parasailors for winning gold and bronze at the championships, it is a dream come true for them and our club," said Peter Jacobs, founder of Disabled Sailing Thailand. "The competition was tough, but our training and determination paid off, and with great support from the Thai sailing community we were able to send Thai athletes to compete on the Asian stage."

This success was made possible through the generous support of individual donors and corporate sponsors to Sailability Phuket, an officially registered foundation crucial in funding Phuket's parasailors. By providing resources for training, equipment maintenance, and participation in international regattas, Sailability Phuket ensures that the sailors are competition-ready and equipped to succeed globally.

Santi Tantrongtrongw, President of Sailability Phuket, expressed immense pride in the team's accomplishments. "This victory is not just for Disabled Sailing Thailand but for the entire nation. It underscores the potential of parasailing as a competitive sport and, we hope, paves the way for its recognition and support by sports authorities," he commented.

Disabled Sailing Thailand, affiliated with the Yacht Racing Association of Thailand, is dedicated to promoting inclusive sailing, offering free access to anyone with a physical disability. The organization's commitment to inclusivity and excellence in sport has now been internationally recognized, with hopes that these achievements will encourage further support and recognition of parasailing as an official sport.

Thai parasailors win gold and bronze at Southeast Asia parasailing championship