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Uncultivated guests are blundering into a Thai argument

Jul 22. 2015
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Re: "Patriotism - the first refuge of hypocrites", Letters, July 2.
Eric Bahrt is trying to teach us Thais how to be good patriots and avoid being hypocrites. Allow me to present my own opinion.
If you pay a visit to a friend’s house, and there is a quarrel among the members of the host family going on, should you join in with one side of the argument and condemn the other side? What is the best thing for a guest to do in this situation?
Unfortunately there are a number of hardboiled expats living in Thailand who involve themselves too much in the country’s domestic affairs. 
Comments and opinions are always welcome so long as they are not intrusive and condescending in nature. Let me assure you: Thais are no fools and we know the difference between good and bad.
As for Eric Bahrt, he appears to be a fine example of a not-so-good guest.
Vint Chavala

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