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TUESDAY, December 06, 2022
Drunken criminals should only apologise in court

Drunken criminals should only apologise in court

FRIDAY, May 06, 2016

Re: “Being drunk is no excuse for violence”, Editorial, May 5.

I agree with your editorial that being drunk should not be an excuse for people to misbehave or commit crime.
The police force in the 21st century must do more to prevent crimes from happening, as well as be able to catch criminals quickly after a crime has been committed.
Crimes or accidents as a result of drunkenness can be prevented more effectively if the police can keep drunken people in custody for, say, 12 to 24 hours – or until they sober up.
It is shameful that the police allow the accused to “apologise” to the public for the crimes they committed as a result of drunkenness. These people should not be given any platform to speak other than in the courtroom.
The Thai News Agency, in an English-language report on April 29, mentioned that one of the four suspects in the Hua Hin tourist attack suggested the government be stricter with measures limiting the sale of alcohol on special occasions. Isn’t that a shame – for all of us Thais?
Vint Chavala