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Nibbling at both sides of the apple

Apr 24. 2017
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It seems Thomas Turk likes to have it both ways. First, in a letter responding to “The China Study”, which promotes a vegan diet, Turk notes that the author is not a medical doctor. 

But then in another letter he argues that the reason most doctors urge people to eat more fruit and vegetables and less meat is because they know little about nutrition.

He even implies there’s an international conspiracy between the medical establishment and the drug companies to try to get people sick so those companies can make money treating more people.

 And how does Turk explain the fact that the American Dietetic Association has said that a vegan diet can be perfectly healthy? 

Are the dieticians also part of this conspiracy to destroy human health?

 Incidentally, while he viciously questions everyone else’s motives, he brags about all the people who have joined his “fitness” programme. Unless his programme is free, then maybe he’s the one whose motives are not pure. Or is he really as stupid as he sounds?

Eric Bahrt 


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