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Healing with the “singing bowl”

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Treat your body and soul to a well-earned rest by booking the three-day Saigon Wellness Retreat with singing bowl healing master Dr Lymy being offered by Sens Asia Travel.



The package allows travellers to combine a calm yet powerful healing experience with the sights and flavours of South Vietnam’s bustling metropolis.  As part of a constant quest to discover unique sense experiences throughout Asia, Sens Asia Travel has unearthed Dr Lymy, a Hanoian dentist with 15 years’ experience of Western medicine, who found herself enchanted by the mysteries of the Himalayas.

She was drawn to Tibet by its profoundly spiritual people, symbolic flags and the deep, rhythmic chanting that flows through the region. During a meditation retreat she discovered the intriguing power of the singing bowl and the ancient mantras used to achieve calmness of body and soul.

She trained under the gurus of the mountains, undergoing multiple daily meditation sessions and adopting a strict vegetarian diet. Using her background in modern medical science, she approached the singing bowl not only as a “Miracle of the Buddha”, but also as a scientifically proven therapy.

“Modern medicine only reveals a very small part of the physical and mental aspects of human beings. The ancient arts and medicines of the Himalayas have been applied thousands of years,” says Dr Lymy.

The programme starts with a rapid-fire Best of Saigon sightseeing trip to visit the Reunification Palace, Saigon’s New-Romanesque Notre Dame Cathedral, Fito Museum of traditional Vietnamese medicine and the Museum of American War Crimes.

Guests then begin the healing process at the Om Healing Centre, where Dr Lymy will conduct the singing bowl therapy to help destress and relax their minds cells. The retreat continues the next day with the Pain Release session using the vibrations of sound waves to heal the cells and assist with muscle relaxation and restoration.

In the evening, guests can explore the unique flavours of Saigonese cuisine, from past to present, with what Sens Asia calls a “Street Food Night Safari” that takes them to several of the best eating spots from well-known establishments to secret restaurants known only to locals.

The final session is Energy Balancing that can help balance the chakras and allow energy to move freely in the body without obstruction. It’s said that practising chakra healing techniques can actually reverse symptoms of disease and illness.

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Published : May 21, 2017

By : The Nation