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TUESDAY, December 06, 2022
Need more sensible arguments

Need more sensible arguments

SUNDAY, October 01, 2017

The political dilettantes JC Wilcox et al, including Clara Holzer amongst their number, offer poorly focused, hopelessly unrealistic politico-economic twaddle by endlessly banging on about the supposed perils of globalisation versus narrow, ruinous nationalism as espoused by the likes of crypto-fascists, notably electorally defeated Marine le Pen in France and Dutch politician Geert Wilders, amongst other political nobodies.
Taking this glaringly unsophisticated approach completely ignores the facts. Holzer, along with her fellow travellers, blithely informs us that “History has shown that globalism is a utopia [sic] that will never work”. Tripe; were that true, the human species would still be walking the tracks of the great rift valley instead of inhabiting the entire planet. If you’re going to burble on about the concept, at least have the intellectual tools to offer some form of credible argument.
Furthermore, calling globalisation a “utopia” is obtuse waffle. Of course it isn’t, but it’s a damn sight better that the petty squabbling of third-rate nationalist idiocracies. Like any received wisdom it’s work in progress and, whether these people like it or not, is continuing to evolve. History is replete with failed (and tragic) experiments in nationalism, notably following the anachronistic and redundant post-Westphalian alternatives some seek to foist on sensible folks. Were these people to submit this kind of moribund trivia to a peer-reviewed journal, it wouldn’t make it past the experts tasked with ensuring that all articles meet the required standards. That much is definite. Come up with something sane and doable, and rational people might listen.
Dr Frank