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MONDAY, December 05, 2022
Much ado about nothing or crushing critics?

Much ado about nothing or crushing critics?

SUNDAY, January 21, 2018

Re: Professor to face computer crime charge, The Sunday Nation, Jan 21

“Welcome” to North Korea. Thailand, we all love our country, all one together, let us have a sing song every day, let us communicate to the “Great Thai Nation” through a speaker system that’s been vastly extended to every household in rural areas to spread our propaganda. Joyous news during the life of  this junta.

Seems just like a common mistake to me. Why in the world make such a big thing out of it. When we can’t focus on the important things, we always seem to need some distraction from real problems.
Get Real

Petty, petty people.
Samui Bodoh

Quite simple, chilling effect. Setting an example and checking boundaries of the plebian class.

Not exactly land of the free these days.

You have got to be kidding me!

What a sad, petty, insulated, third world tin pot of a nation!
If it looked like a million-baht purse and it was Bt1,000 purse a great advertisement for the company who made it locally and a shining example, which the country should have been proud of. CCA is put into play to shut up people, must have been a million-baht purse, bunch of tossers.

Not so sure that Thailand is a Third World country at the moment but it is certainly heading back that way under junta rule.
Perhaps better to say “sad, petty, insulated, third world tin pot elite people running the nation”. I think this might be a case of wifie being offended and chewing Mr Tu’s ear who then impulsively reacts to appease her and to get her off his back. Not an uncommon response to maintain matrimonial harmony.

Third World? That’s a bit rich, it’s never been past the dark ages and cavemen culture

“...after he misidentified a purse of the junta premier’s wife”. Shows how misguided the current laws here are

It will not help the junta or the elites to zealously persecute this man over something so silly and harmless.
The backlash may be more than they expect. 

From this article, it appears the professor was seriously criticising the PM. Enough said.