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Recycling to save our home

Apr 23. 2018
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Bangkok-based social enterprise marked Earth Day, which fell yesterday (April 22), by launching RecycleNow.Asia, a website that aims to encourage and promote ways in how people can reduce, reuse and recycle their trash.

This one-stop website is designed as a platform to educate and inform people about the importance of recycling and the positive impact it has in the world we live in. It will provide information related to recycling in Bangkok and other provinces in Thailand, including lists of related organisations, recycling centres, communities which organise recycling activities, second-hand shops, tips on how to recycle used household items, DIY ideas to recycle garbage into creative and useful things and more. 

“Our goal is to promote benefits of recycling and ways on how you can reuse and properly dispose garbage from your homes and offices. brings together like-minded people who want to make a difference to the world we live in plus make it green and healthy for the future generations,” said Pacharee Pantoomano-Pfirsch, founder of and a staunch supporter of recycling. 

She believes that recycling is everyone’s social responsibility and should be part of one’s daily life.

 “I grew up in the US where each house separated garbage and recyclables. Unfortunately, this is not the case in Thailand and the recent flood in Bangkok was largely caused by garbage such as plastic bags, bottles and foam boxes clogging the drainage system. There is little awareness about the plastic pollution and the importance of recycling. We only have one earth and together we can help to make a healthier environment,” she reiterated.

Bangkok is notorious for its poor implementation of recycling trash, segregation and waste management. According to Thailand's Department of Environmental Quality Protection, Bangkok is producing more waste than the previous years. It is estimated that each Thai person produces 1 kg of trash every single day. is run by volunteers and Pacharee invites both individuals, organiSations and companies to support this initiative by sharing resources related to recycling. She hopes the website will inspire more people to make recycling part of their life. Using refillable cups when buying coffee, carrying a cloth bag to carry your groceries and recylicing papers and envelopes are some of the simple things you can do, she shared.

“Earth Day is an annual event held worldwide to demonstrate support for the environmental protection. By launching on this day, we aspire to be part of the global movement and encouraging Thais to reduce, reuse and recycle,” she added.


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