TrueVisions scores with dreamy 4K


The World Cup never looked more real than when it was beamed and streamed through Channel 400

With 4K broadcast is now available in Thailand from TrueVisions, the next time you buy a TV set, settle for nothing less than 4K resolution.
Beginning with broadcasts of World Cup matches from Russia, TrueVisions has become the first TV operator in Thailand to beam and stream a 4K signal to subscribers.
The subscription TV provider broadcasts its channels to subscribers by beaming down from a satellite and by streaming via a fibre-optic network (CATV).
Now, TrueVisions has provided Channel 400, broadcasting wholly in 4K. It started on June 14 with the opening ceremony of World Cup 2018.
It is now using the channel to broadcast all World Cup matches in very sharp 4K resolution at a refresh rate of 50Hz. If matches are going on at the same time, TrueVisions will select one for live broadcast and the other for taped broadcast.
Current subscribers of Gold and Platinum packages are eligible to receive a 4K receiver box from TrueVisions by paying a Bt2,000 installation fee. If you subscribe for any other package, you must upgrade first.


TrueVisions scores with dreamy 4K

New customers must subscribe for at least the Gold package to be eligible for a 4K receiver and must pay the installation fee and Bt1,000 deposit on the box. The deposit will be returned when your subscription ends and you hand over the box.
I recently had a chance to test the 4KOP10S box and found that it generated beautiful and sharp pictures from Channel 400. I tested it on the Sony 55-inch 4K TV 55X9000F also reviewed on this page.
The default factory setting has the box displaying in 1080 pixels, so you must have a technician switch the display to 4K 50Hz to enjoy the best-quality picture. And of course, you will need a TV that supports 4K 50Hz resolution as well.
The picture quality is very impressive. It showed a lot of details sharply, the colours were vivid and the motion was smooth. When you watch the 4K channel for a while and switch to Full HD channel, you really notice the drop in sharpness. It’s in fact half the level of 4K.
While the picture quality is terrific, I do have one gripe about the new box. It doesn’t come with a PVR function like that found on previous 1080p Full HD receivers from TrueVisions. I’m hoping TrueVisions will soon come up with new 4K receivers that also provide PVR function.
TrueVisions has said that, after the Word Cup ends next month, Channel 400 would broadcast sports and documentaries in 4K. I hope it expands that to premium movie channels as well.


- Receivers: CATV/Satellite TV
- Maximum resolution: 3,840x2,160 pixels 50Hz
- Package required: Gold or Platinum
- Installation fee: Bt2,000; new subscribers also pay a Bt1,000 deposit on the box