Friday, August 06, 2021


Young generation shows striking climate of ignorance

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It’s no secret that education has been dumbed-down over the decades, with plenty of evidence to confirm this.



Most recently, schoolchildren across the world have gone on “strike” to protest against global warming. It’s both sad and depressing to see.
In the past, every schoolchild was taught about photosynthesis and the importance of carbon dioxide to plant life. Without CO2 there would be no oxygen and no life on Earth. And now, with an exponentially increasing population, CO2 has become even more vital. 
Carbon dioxide is a natural gas, much of it stored in the sea. As sea temperatures rise CO2 is released, while sea cooling absorbs CO2. 
The main “greenhouse gas”, at more than 90 per cent in the atmosphere, is water vapour, while CO2 is about 2 per cent. The volume of CO2 released into the atmosphere by human activity is infinitesimal compared to that released naturally from the sea with a temperature rise caused by the sun. Geological surveys and carbon dating have shown that temperatures have varied between ice ages. Five thousand and 1,000 years ago the Earth was much hotter than it is now.
Scientist know these simple facts, including that 2 per cent of atmospheric CO2 cannot affect the climate, but they are known to deny them if their government grants depend upon it. When science is relegated to the political arena it becomes junk science. This ploy by the globalist New World Order denies our children valuable knowledge and understanding of our planet and furthers their agenda of indoctrination to impose a one-world government. Canada’s globalist PM Justin Trudeau is imposing a CO2 tax starting at 10 Canadian dollars/tonne rising to 50 dollars in five years. That is as crazy as taxing oxygen.
Were all energy-creating human activity that released CO2 to cease completely, climate change would continue has it has done for millions of years, but life on Earth would return to the pre-neolithic period.
JC Wilcox

Published : March 17, 2019