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Meditation is the gateway to perfect subjectivity

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Re: “Let’s discuss the realism of subjective reality”, Letters, March 16-17.



Unfortunately I am quite familiar with the rather droning and dreary work of Richard Dawkins and his ilk. They argue against God as a “something” in which to believe. This then demands of the believer the repetitive enactment of belief to counter its inevitable opposite – doubt. Doubt is the bane of the believer; you find it wrestled with throughout the Western traditions, a struggle especially well expressed by the 16th-century mystic St John of the Cross in his “Dark Night of the Soul” and more recently in Mother Theresa’s biography. This notion of God is rightly criticised by atheists, anti-theists and agnostics.
However, where Pedant finds fog, it is his own. I am not suggesting that one look to emotions and feelings as superior to thought – in fact I am not advocating a search of any kind. The search for happiness, truth or God and the avoidance of pain is what everyone does, it is what the world is about, and it is an un-inspected habitual activity which separates one from happiness or God.
Consciousness feels: The function of consciousness is to feel. That is the perfect Subjectivity to which I would direct readers, (toward that which feels, not that which is felt). It is our native state, free and happy, always unchanging and already so. There lies God. This truth is self-evident and its realisation is inherently self-authenticating, beyond the thoughtful separative gesture of mind. Nothing could be more obvious in any moment. We are consciousness itself, non-separate and free.
Pedant would be well advised to study the previously mentioned texts and others and then practice meditation (as instructed by a master) in earnest on a daily basis. Merely thinking produces more thoughts; meditation, rightly practised, reveals the Truth that thinking obscures. I cannot recommend it more highly.
The Realist 
Chon Buri

Published : March 18, 2019