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TUESDAY, December 06, 2022
Language too rich? Trying chewing it over

Language too rich? Trying chewing it over

TUESDAY, June 18, 2019

Re: “Liberals: a personal attack is not a valid counter-argument”, Have Your Say, June 17.

In response to Michael Setter’s tediously trivial bellyaching on Monday, allow me to point out that I and others here use certain language because that’s what it is there for. To loosely paraphrase Shaw: Those of us who can, do; those of you who can’t, waffle. 
No Churchillian terminological inexactitudes there, then.
A quick aside: On a short visit to my brother’s farm near Richmond, God’s country (Yorkshire), he and I went out into the fields to slaughter and skin a couple of rabbits for the pot. Aroi mak. Ah, such are the joys of Yorkshire Dales life for those of us who actually know about it. 
Dr Frank