Thais are getting taller – it’s official


Have you ever thought that Thais are getting taller as the years go by? Well now it’s official: The Public Health Ministry has raised its standard height for Thai children, men and women.

The development criteria for children aged 6-19 have been adjusted upwards from the standards used since 1995, said Deputy Public Health Minister Satit Pitutacha.

The decision was made because the latest generation of Thai children was outgrowing the previous standard for both height and weight. Under the 1995 standard, the average height of Thais at age 19 is 165 centimetres for men and 159cm for women. According to the new standard the average height five years from now (2026) will be 175cm for men and 162cm for women. In 15 years (2036), Thai men will average 180cm and women 170cm.

The new growth criteria will be supported by information on correct nutrition and exercise to strengthen joints and increase height, said the ministry.