TUESDAY, April 16, 2024

‘True Angel’ Lisa dazzles social media with sparkling jewellery

‘True Angel’ Lisa dazzles social media with sparkling jewellery

A livestream of BlackPink’s Thai member Lalisa “Lisa” Manoban resplendent in sparkling jewellery from Italian luxury fashion house Bvlgari and attired in a gorgeous evening dress took social media by storm on Tuesday.

Lisa was participating in the Bvlgari Avrora Awards at Grand Walkerhill Seoul in South Korea as global brand ambassador.

The event was shown live on fashion and lifestyle magazine Vogue Korea’s social media channels.

The annual event honours people who have played an outstanding role in music, sports, movies or business.

A number of South Korean media outlets referred to Lisa as “Princess Lisa” and a “true angel”.

The Srepenti necklace and bracelet worn by Lisa were reportedly worth more than a whopping 22 million baht, with the necklace priced at US$300,000 (11.4 million baht) and the bracelet $290,000 (11.02 million baht).

Meanwhile, Lisa’s Vivienne Westwood elegant pearl white evening dress cost $6,705, or 254,000 baht.

Apart from Lisa, South Korean ex-professional golf player Pak Se Ri was invited to the awards.

‘True Angel’ Lisa dazzles social media with sparkling jewellery

Lisa became a global brand ambassador for Bvlgari in July 2020, reflecting the popularity of K-pop culture worldwide.

Thanks to Lisa, as many as 600 Bvlgari B Zero1 necklaces, costing $62,000 apiece (2.35 million baht) were sold out in a mere five days after the campaign “Unexpected Wonders” began, generating 1.4 billion baht in revenue for the brand.

Including sales of other ornaments such as rings and bracelets, Lisa generated more than 2 billion baht in revenue for Bvlgari within a week.