'Very pretty' - ice cream inspired by Thailand's famous temple tiles is a scorcher


Under the scorching sun, visitors to Thailand's famous Temple of Dawn over the weekend can't wait to get their hands on two uniquely-shaped ice cream that were proving popular due to their intricate details inspired by the tiles of the landmark pagoda.

"It's different and pretty," said Thai resident Doungkamon Koedthong, 29, as she held up the ice cream against the backdrop of the temple, also known as Wat Arun, for an Instagram-worthy snapshot.

The two ice creams -- one a butterfly pea coconut milk flavour, and the other a Thai milk tea flavor -- were modelled after the blue ceramic plates and flower details of the grand pagoda, according to ice cream manufacturer Pop Icon.

"Thailand is rich in cultural heritage but it's not been presented or seen in a new perspective," said Pop Icon's owner and designer of the cold treat, 34-year-old Sirinya Hanpachearnchoak. "I think that if we put the temple's identities onto the ice-cream, people might spend more time to search for the details (on the pagoda) that they may sometimes overlook," she said.

People take pictures of ice cream shaped like tiles of the famous Wat Arun temple

A member of the staff picks up an ice cream shaped like a tile of the famous Wat Arun temple

The 'Flower of Dawn' popsicles are also gaining popularity from foreign visitors seeking some respite from the heat in Bangkok.

"It's really refreshing. I was boiling, so it's really tasty and cools you down really nicely," said 22-year-old medical student, Sherin Babu, from Manchester in the United Kingdom.

Sold at 89 baht since May, the ice creams are made exclusively for the Temple of Dawn, where the manufacturer said proceedings will go towards the temple for education in Buddhism and medical expenses.

A person eats an ice cream shaped like a tile of the famous Wat Arun temple