Don’t panic! 10 positives from Thailand’s new wave of Covid-19


An expert on infectious diseases has revealed 10 positive facts about Thailand’s new wave of Covid-19 and Long Covid.

Dr Thiravat Hemachudha, head of Chulalongkorn University’s Information Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases, shared these facts on his Facebook account on Wednesday:

1. The quicker and wider spread means this Covid-19 wave will end quickly.

2. Covid-19 infections with clear symptoms may be more beneficial in creating stronger future immunity than infections with no symptoms.

3. A combination of immunity from infection and vaccination is better than immunity from vaccination alone. (Thiravat added that he does not encourage people to get infected.)

4. Severity of symptoms depends on patients’ health, frequency of exercise, and diet.

5. The current surge in Covid cases will make people more aware and cautious.

6. Symptoms are likely to be weaker as the number of infected and vaccinated people has increased.

7. New Covid-19 variants and symptoms may not be linked to Long Covid symptoms (according to King's College London).

8. Long Covid can be treated by exercising, getting sunlight, and eating a diet heavy in fruit vegetables and fish while reducing flour and meat.

9. The mix of coronavirus and other cold-season viruses will boost natural immunity to Covid-19.

10. Covid-19 will eventually become a weaker endemic disease if Thais strengthen their health.

The number of new confirmed cases soared to 4,914 last week, or 702 per day on average.

Patients severely ill with Covid currently number 553. Of these, 319 are on ventilators. Last week also saw an average of 10 Covid-related deaths per day or 74 in total.

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