Muay Thai ace Buakaw draws attention at NY Times Square


Thailand's famous Muay Thai champion and martial artist, Buakaw Banchamek, made it to the famous digital billboard in New York's Times Square for the second time in a year.

The digital billboard showcases the upcoming Rajadamnern World Series (RWS) match between Buakaw and 21-year-old Ukrainian boxer Olexander Yefimenko in Bangkok's Rajadamnern Stadium.

The kickboxing duel between Buakaw and Yefimenko will be held in three rounds of three minutes each on Friday (December 9). Boxing fans can watch live broadcast on Workpoint TV at 9.15pm (Thailand time).

Muay Thai ace Buakaw draws attention at NY Times Square

Previously, the advert featuring Buakaw had been shown above the Manhattan landmark in July to promote the Muay Thai legend's comback in the RWS tournament on August 19.

Up to 450,000 people pass Times Square each day, making it a prime spot for advertisers seeking to draw eyeballs.

A billboard here can range in cost from $5,000 (183,000 baht) per day to well over $50,000, according to advertising company Inspiria. Typically, the minimum amount of money required to advertise for 1-3 days ranges from $5,000 to $25,000.

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