David Beckham shines in ‘The Legend of Predator’


Bangkok, 31 January 2024 – Today, A historic moment unfolded as global football legend David Beckham graced the highly anticipated "THE LEGEND OF PREDATOR" event in Thailand.

This showcase delves into Beckham's remarkable journey and enduring partnership with Adidas, highlighting iconic moments and the evolution of the Adidas Predator line, totalling an impressive 21 pairs.

Adding to the excitement, Thai celebrity and Adidas Brand Ambassador Bright Vachirawit joined as a special guest at CentralWorld, Central Court.

David Beckham shines in ‘The Legend of Predator’

Since its groundbreaking launch in 1994, the Adidas Predator has revolutionized football, transcending from a mere boot into an iconic symbol synonymous with legendary moments on the pitch.

David Beckham shines in ‘The Legend of Predator’

The relentless pursuit of innovation has consistently positioned the Predator at the forefront of football boot technology, solidifying its status as arguably the most iconic football boot of all time.

Instantly evoking memories of football legends, the classic black, white, and red shades of the Predator have etched an indelible mark on World Cup tournaments and Champions League finals.

While earlier models evoke nostalgia, recent generations have been meticulously streamlined to meet the demands of the modern game.

David Beckham shines in ‘The Legend of Predator’

This evolution signifies the Predator's enduring legacy, where innovation and iconic moments intersect to define football history.

Over the past 30 years, the Predator has undergone constant upgrades, boasting gorgeous designs and setting new standards. Reflecting on its evolution, the Predator Precision, introduced just before Euro 2000, marked a significant transformation.

David Beckham shines in ‘The Legend of Predator’

With separated and strategically placed rubber fins, interchangeable studs for all conditions, and a sleek, aerodynamic design, the Predator Precision became a groundbreaking creation. 

A defining moment for this model was witnessing David Beckham bending a glorious last-minute free-kick against Greece, propelling England to the 2002 World Cup.

David Beckham shines in ‘The Legend of Predator’

This encapsulates the legacy of the Predator, where innovation meets iconic moments, making it not just a football boot but a symbol of footballing mythology.

David Beckham shines in ‘The Legend of Predator’

Today, David Beckham recounted this memorable journey by exploring the Predator exhibition, delving into its rich history. The venue was buzzing with the warm welcome of Thai fans, creating an energetic atmosphere for the football legend's visit.

David Beckham shines in ‘The Legend of Predator’

Following the exhibition, Beckham engaged in a lively small talk session, sharing anecdotes about the Predator and his enduring connection with Adidas.

The day took an exciting turn as he met and greeted lucky winners, providing them with an extraordinary opportunity to connect with the football icon. To wrap up the experience, Beckham enjoyed the cultural richness of Thailand through a traditional Thai puppet show, adding a unique touch to an already unforgettable day.

David Beckham talked about his longstanding partnership with Adidas, stating that “Adidas holds a significant place in my life, akin to a second family. The brand has accompanied me throughout my football journey, especially the Predator football boots.”

As an Adidas Global icon, Beckham delivered a concluding message for the young generation passionate about sports. He encouraged them to focus on activities they are intensely interested in, deriving pleasure from them, as commitment ultimately guides towards achievement.

Adding to the excitement, Thai celebrity and Adidas Brand Ambassador in Thailand "Bright Vachirawit," renowned for his passion for football, graced the event. His presence underscored the global appeal of “THE LEGEND OF PREDATOR”.

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