SUNDAY, April 21, 2024

‘Madam Pang’ sets goal for Thais to regain place in 2027 Women’s World Cup

‘Madam Pang’ sets goal for Thais to regain place in 2027 Women’s World Cup

The president of the Football Association of Thailand, “Madam Pang" Nualphan Lamsam, aims to raise the standards of Thai women's football and regain a spot for the country in the 2027 Women's World Cup.

She was speaking at a press conference on Tuesday on the 2024 Thai Women's League.
The Thai women’s national team participated in the Women's World Cup twice consecutively, in 2015 in Canada and 2019 in France, when "Madam Pang" was the team manager.

‘Madam Pang’ sets goal for Thais to regain place in 2027 Women’s World Cup

However, they failed to qualify for the 2023 edition.

Now at the helm of the country’s football after her recent election, Madam Pang has set the goal of leading the team back to the Women's World Cup in 2027, where Asia has been allotted six slots.

‘Madam Pang’ sets goal for Thais to regain place in 2027 Women’s World Cup

Representatives from all 16 clubs in both Division 1 and Division 2 attended Tuesday’s press conference. Former members of the Thai women's national football team who had participated in the previous two World Cup campaigns also were present.

It is like a reunion, a meeting to talk and exchange information in the hope of elevating Thai women's football to its peak, she said."For me, Thai women's football is more than just pride.

We are a family bound together by love and commitment since the very beginning. Certainly, the journey has not been easy, and we have faced numerous challenges and obstacles along the way," the football chief said.

"Today, even though my role has shifted to overseeing the entire system of Thai football, I desire to witness an atmosphere of success and growth for women's football once again. We have resources with potential spread throughout Thailand, but there is a lack of platforms to showcase this ability.

This aims to create opportunities for the national team to return to the Women's World Cup in 2027," she said.

The Thai Women's League 2024 season opens on March 2 with matches played on a home-and-away format.

The league is divided into two divisions: Thai League Division 1 and 2 will have a total of 16 teams participating, 8 teams in each league.

The top-ranked team from Division 1 will qualify to participate in the inaugural AFC Champions League in the 2024-25 season and the top two teams of Division 2 will advance to Division 1. The bottom two teams of Division 1 will have to play a qualifying round to avoid relegation.

All matches will be broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube: Thai Women's League