SUNDAY, April 21, 2024

Premier Golf Event: Blue Canyon Ladies Championship 2024 Comes to Phuket

Premier Golf Event: Blue Canyon Ladies Championship 2024 Comes to Phuket

Blue Canyon Country Club, renowned as one of Thailand's most picturesque golf courses and esteemed globally, is joining hands with the Korean Ladies Professional Golf Tour (KLPGA) to present the inaugural Blue Canyon Ladies Championship 2024 in Phuket. 

Set against the stunning backdrop of Blue Canyon Country Club, this premier 54-hole tournament, boasting a prize purse of US$650,000 (approximately 22,750,000 baht), is scheduled to take place from March 15-17, 2024.

The press conference, held on Thursday, was graced by the presence of Praphant Asava-aree, Chairman of Blue Canyon Country Club Co., Ltd., who presided over the ceremony.

Premier Golf Event: Blue Canyon Ladies Championship 2024 Comes to Phuket

Joining him were Meena Akrapongpisak, Assistant Vice President Marketing of Bertram (1958) Company Limited, and Pichaya Phoonsathitiwat from ANEW Golf and Sparms Thailand, the main official sponsor.

Also in attendance were professional golfers Pornanong Phatlum, and Kornkamol Sukaree, along with amateur Navaporn Soontreeyapas, adding to the excitement of the occasion.

Premier Golf Event: Blue Canyon Ladies Championship 2024 Comes to Phuket

Prapan Asava-aree, Chairman of Blue Canyon Country Club Co., Ltd., addressed the purpose of organizing this competition, stating, "It is an honour for Blue Canyon Country Club to host a world-class golf competition like the KLPGA Tour for 3 consecutive years.

Premier Golf Event: Blue Canyon Ladies Championship 2024 Comes to Phuket

This is the first time this tournament will be held in Thailand, and it offers a total prize pool of 650,000 US dollars (approximately 22,750,000 Baht). We are delighted and honoured to be a part of promoting and developing golf in Thailand towards the world stage.

In the past, Thai female golfers have consistently brought fame to our nation. These achievements are a major driving force for the Thai golf industry and inspire the next generation of golfers. Furthermore, organizing this competition will also positively impact the economy and tourism in Phuket province.

The tournament will be broadcast live throughout Thailand and internationally, such as in South Korea. I am confident that this competition will provide excitement and entertainment to golf fans, as it features talented female golfers from the KLPGA Tour competing against one another.

Finally, I would like to invite Thai golf fans to come together and support the 11 Thai female golfers participating in this competition."

Meena Akrapongpisak, Assistant Vice President Marketing of Bertram (1958) Company Limited,  the manufacturer and distributor of Siang Pure and Peppermint Field brands, said, “Our company currently endorses national and international sporting events as an integral part of their marketing strategy.

This strategic approach enables direct engagement with target consumers and facilitates the execution of diverse marketing initiatives. So far, the company has actively backed sporting events aligned with the contemporary lifestyles of consumers.

They have consistently sponsored golf tournaments, catering to both male and female participants, while also extending support to Thai athletes. Thus far, the company has supported Pro PK Patcharajutar Kongkraphan, who is also participating in this tournament."

Ms Pithcha Poolsawattiwat, Importer and Official Distributor of ANEW Golf and SParms brands in Thailand said, " ANEW Golf and SParms is a leader in sun protection and specializes in UV protective sleeves. It was founded in 2010 in Australia.

Today, ANEW Golf and SParms are endorsed by world-class athletes across the sporting industry, including golf, cycling, archery, and others. As a brand, we do our best to support various sporting events in Thailand.

We plan to support sports that are directly related to our products, such as golf, cycling, archery, and other 
outdoor sports. With its outstanding features, ANEW Golf and SParms are comfortable to wear, breathable, provide UV protection, enhance your appearance, and absorb sweat well.

This enables athletes to be prepared for any situation."

Former Thai No. 1 golfer Pornanong “Pro Waen”, winner of 21 professional championship titles and runner-up in the 2018 Women's British Open, said, “I'm thrilled and grateful for the chance to participate in this event.

I've previously competed in the KLPGA Tour, once in South Korea on an invitation. Now, having the opportunity to play in Thailand fills me with joy.

The prospect of playing at the esteemed Blue Canyon Golf Course, renowned as one of Thailand's premier courses, adds a special significance to this occasion. Thailand's golf industry has seen remarkable growth and development, with our golfers increasingly making their mark internationally.

This has piqued the interest of parents, who now see golf as a sport they want to introduce to their children. I see this as a positive sign for the future of golf in Thailand."

"Prosang," Kornkamol Sukaree, expressed, "I want to thank those who have given me this important opportunity. This tournament is quite challenging, considered one of the first tours in 

the world. Moreover, I've had the chance to compete with top players from the KLPGA Tour, particularly playing on a historical and highly challenging course like Blue Canyon.

Currently, I feel fully prepared, both physically and mentally. I've been training every day and maintaining my fitness level. As for my gameplay, there haven't been any additional adjustments."

On the other hand, "Namphueng," Navaporn Soontreeyapas, a Thai national golfer, stated, "I'm very happy to have the privilege of being invited to compete in this tournament.

This competition is challenging for me as I'll be competing with senior golfers and facing golfers from South Korea. There is some pressure, but I'm well-prepared, and this event marks my last amateur competition before turning pro and joining the KLPGA Tour."

The Blue Canyon Ladies Championship is sponsored by Siang Pure, Peppermint Field, ANew Golf and SParms (Sun Protect+). Golf enthusiasts can tune in to the live broadcast on TrueVisions Sports  5 from March 15th to 17th, 2024, airing between 13:00-16:00.