SUNDAY, April 21, 2024

Visa waivers spur Thai wanderlust to China

Visa waivers spur Thai wanderlust to China

The Thailand-China visa-waiver scheme is appearing to pay off, insights from digital travel platform Agoda revealed.

Not only have accommodation searches from Chinese travelling to Thailand increased since the introduction of visa-free travel for Chinese tourists, but also, in addition, the first month of the year saw five times more Thais search for accommodation in Mainland China compared to January 2023.

China ranks 7th in Thailand’s top searched destinations for the start of 2024, up from 18th before the visa waiver initiative launched in January 2024. The top five destinations for early-year travel are Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Singapore respectively, which are all easily accessible for Thai travellers without the need for a travel visa.

Visa exemption schemes enable travellers to be more spontaneous and adventurous, whether travel preferences are to immerse in a new environment or to enjoy quiet time away from the crowds, Agoda spotlights popular options in China where Thais can fly direct to explore without the need of a visa.

Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

Located in southern China, Guangzhou entices travellers with its array of experiences. Being the capital and largest city of the province, the “City of Flowers” is known for its vibrant blossoms all year round and Cantonese cuisine. Embark on a journey at Chimelong Safari Park aboard the "Safari on Wheels" trams. Traverse through the savannahs, plains, lakes, and all the different habitats where the animals roam safely and freely. Marvel at intricate engravings, or vibrant stucco reliefs within Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, a traditional academic complex.

For a bird’s eye view of the city, look no further than the iconic Canton Tower for beautiful panoramic views of the cityscape. Never short of entertainment, Guangzhou’s mesmerizing acrobatic and dance extravaganza at the Chimelong International Circus is a sight to behold.


The capital of China is where ancient traditions coexist with modern wonders. Begin the exploration by immersing in the grandeur of the Forbidden City, where the opulent history of China's imperial past comes to life through majestic architecture. Wander through the historic Nanluoguxiang, a well-preserved historic alleyway with numerous cafés and shops designed in classical Chinese Hutong style.  Head to the enchanting tranquillity of the Summer Palace, where emerald-green gardens and serene lakes provide a great escape from the urban hustle. For more modern architectural delights, check out a night tour of the Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube at the Olympic Sports Center. The Bird’s Nest resembles a shining jewel and the ever-changing colours of the Water Cube are particularly eye-catching.

Visa waivers spur Thai wanderlust to China

Chengdu, Sichuan Province

Home to the famous Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Chengdu offers a variety of experiences for travellers. Visit Huanglongxi Ancient Town, a riverside gem with a history dating back to at least the third century AD. Discover historic temples, and ancient tombs, or delve into the unique culture of Sichuan cuisine at the Sichuan Cuisine Museum, where visitors can try cooking typical Sichuan dishes. People's Park offers a glimpse into local life, where travellers can join locals to enjoy a picnic, play chess, or simply stroll among numerous sights.


Don’t miss the enchanting glow of Anshun Bridge against the backdrop of the cityscape as night falls Chunxi Road draws in shoppers with its centuries-old shops, modern malls and popular restaurants

Visa waivers spur Thai wanderlust to China

For the more adventurous visa-free travellers, Thailand also has agreements with countries like Brunei, Fiji, India and Turkey each allowing exploring new horizons easily.

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