FRIDAY, February 23, 2024

Commercial brands can enhance mental health: Mintel

Commercial brands can enhance mental health: Mintel

Brands have the power to influence positive changes to mental health in Thailand, reported Mintel, a market research company.

The market intelligence agency cited that about 80% of Thai consumers said they have experienced a mental health condition in the past six months, and the number of mental health patients has nearly doubled in the last six years as different groups of people are prone to experience dissimilar specific challenges.

Thais reckon mental health should be discussed in public more often as well as find that brands promoting mental health awareness more appealing, according to the research: Attitudes towards Mental Health – Thai Consumer – 2022.


Since the department of Mental Health Ministry of Public Health unveiled that several Thais still also lack access to mental health services and information, Mintel suggested that brands ought to be getting involved and starting a public conversation about mental health to raise concerns and reduce the negative perceptions that come with it. 

For instance, they can target younger generations, who are likely to spend more time on devices or use technology for work and their social lives.

“Brands can use social media in a positive way and target the younger population with messages that provide positive encouragement and assist them in developing social skills. In the long run, consumers view brands that have an impact on their lives in a positive light 

Commercial brands can enhance mental health: Mintel




Helping younger consumers find a healthy balance with screen time is also crucial, so offering ways to manage time online with cultivating meaningful relationships could make a significant impact. In the long run, consumers view brands that have an impact on their lives in a positive light,” said the company.

These days, brands rely heavily on social media to promote their products and services for this Gen Z age group. The report found that the key is to be especially sensitive and responsible in the content they produce in this channel with sincerity and authenticity, putting themselves in the consumer's shoes and communicating with understanding. If brands want to take a stance and play a role in positive mental health support and advocacy, genuine empathy is crucial.

Some ways brands could achieve this in Thailand include sharing self-care tips, leading a healthy lifestyle, and encouraging others to discuss mental wellness to address the ongoing stigma. 

Also, Brands can promote products that deal with mental illnesses-related products/services, host an open mental health forum on social media where people can voluntarily share their stories, and create authentic, valuable content, perhaps by collaborating with professional services to rectify the mental illness problem, according to the research.