Liberator Securities: Empowering Thai investors towards financial freedom


A group of investors wanted to liberate the old brokerage system with a singular vision: to democratise investment. And that is how the Liberator Securities was born.

In today's complex financial world, finding a reliable investment platform is not an easy. Liberator wants to ease that process.

“We are more than just a platform for securities trading. It’s an inclusive ecosystem designed to provide timely news, valuable insights, and to deliver it equally for all investors,” the company says.

Liberator Securities offers Thai investors an equitable and reliable channel to cultivate financial stability. Focusing on simplicity and transparency, Liberator prioritises client needs, making investing accessible and understandable.

Through the utilisation of advanced tools and concise security protocols, the platform makes trading more accessible, cost-effective and safe for every investor.

Liberator Securities: Empowering Thai investors towards financial freedom

Diverse products tailored to individual needs

Liberator acknowledges the diverse investment preferences of Thai investors. “We offer an extensive range of options ranging from Thai stocks and derivatives to mutual funds and off-shore securities, allowing investors to personalise their own investment portfolios to suit their goals and risk appetite,” the company says.

The intuitive platform interface further enhances the user experience, providing seamless navigation and real-time insights.
The Liberator Application has now been downloaded over 300,000 times.

Beyond merely facilitating transactions, Liberator serves as a trusted partner on the journey to financial success. Through professional guidance and ongoing support, investors can commence on their investment journey with confidence, knowing they have reliable support.

“Other than focusing solely on financial investment we also emphasise connection between investors and traders within the LIBFAM community,” the company says. “Our communities offer a variety of activities, including football, basketball, fitness classes, dinner talks, movie nights, and stock classrooms, fostering connection and helping members build an equal investment community.”

As the landscape of finance continues to evolve, Liberator vows to be unwavering in its commitment to empower individuals towards a brighter financial future.