LG expands air-conditioner options


LG Electronics Co Ltd, an inverter technology specialist for residential air-conditioners, is expanding its lineup of residential inverter air-conditioners equipped with Dual Inverter technology.

The new lineup comes with lower energy consumption and optimal efficiency, highlighting LG DUALCOOL technology and accompanying it with powerful PM1.0 filtration to deliver clean air. 
LG says it is aiming to become Thailand’s leader in the inverter air-conditioner market with a 16-per-cent market share. 
Nipon Wongsaengarunsri, marketing director, said: “From the very start of our residential inverter air-conditioner production in Thailand, the LG factory in Rayong became one of LG’s key global manufacturing hubs. We have increased our export production capabilities from 1 million in 2018 to 1.3 million this year.”