Starved Great Danes rescued


Volunteer veterinarians from Watchdog Thailand and Pathum Thani Livestock Development Office’s Animal Welfare Division officials have rescued 13 Great Danes, which had been left uncared for at a house in Pathum Thani’s Lat Lum Kaew district. The dogs were suffering from severe malnutrition and in terrible condition.

The rescue on Monday stemmed from a complaint by the homeowner’s relative who reportedly couldn't bear to see the animals in such a condition after one of the dogs and her two pups died in a cage on Sunday.

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The unnamed middle-aged Thai woman who owns the house admitted the livestock development officials to the well-fenced two-rai compound for inspection, telling them that she had become unemployed, was recently divorced and was facing financial difficulties that prevented her from taking care of the dogs. She told veterinarian Kangwan Thirathamrong that she intended to raise the dogs to sell but had been unable to find buyers due to the bad economy. Three dogs had already died and were buried in the house compound and the remaining 15 dogs were just skin and bones due to malnutrition, Kangwan said.

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Officials thus removed the 15 dogs from the woman’s care and sent them to the Livestock Development's Animal Center to recover, after which the owner, if deemed capable to take care of them again, could collect them. The homeowner however would be held accountable for a violation under the Cruelty Prevention and Welfare of Animal Act and police would later conduct an inquiry. Watchdog Thailand confirmed that all the rescued dogs were in bad condition and required further care for recovery and invited dog lovers to help by donating.