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New pineapple breed created after 34 years of evaluation, improvement

Nov 04. 2019
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By The Nation

It’s the sweet smell of success.

The Agricultural Research and Development Centre in Phetchaburi province has successfully created a new pineapple breed named “Petchaburi’s Pineapple 2” after 34 years of improvement by evaluating, selecting, comparing, and testing various breeds of pineapple, Department of Agriculture deputy director-general Surmsuk Salakpetch said.

Petchaburi’s Pineapple 2 has a ratio between flesh and weight at 0.29, higher than the Pattavia breed. It also has a smaller core, shallower “eyes” of 0.73-0.81 centimetres deep, and a column shape, making it easier to process and pack in cans, which are the characteristic canned fruit factories are looking for. Its sweetness index is around 13.9-17.9 degrees Brix, which is also higher than Pattavia, resulting in more flavourful taste.

Since pineapple exports have brought in Bt15 billion in revenue per year, the Department of Agriculture has been trying to improve pineapple breeds which have the characteristic demanded by the industry after growing the same breeds for a long time, resulting in undesirable characteristics such as smaller fruits, uneven colour and lower disease immunity.

The centre currently has about 5,000 shoots of Petchaburi’s Pineapple 2, which can be planted in just half a rai of farmland. 

People who are interested in growing this breed can contact the centre via telephone number +663277-2852-3.

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