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Authorities ensure compliance of New Year gift baskets with laws

Dec 05. 2019
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Deputy Bangkok Governor Pol Lt Gen Sophon Pisuthiwong and officials from Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health on Tuesday (December 3) inspected retail shops at various venues in Bangkok that sell New Year gift baskets to make sure that they are in compliance with the law.

“The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is committed to protecting consumers against low quality or expired products that some retailers may try to bundle in the gift baskets,” he said. “Retailers are also required to display the list of each item in the basket along with their prices to let customers know what they are buying and that each of them are priced correctly.”

BMA is also cooperating with 32 department stores and retailers to organise a campaign that focuses on controlling the quality and price of New Year gift baskets, as well as promoting the use of eco-friendly materials in making gift baskets, for example. using leaves and paper instead of plastic and foam.

“According to Food Act BE 2522, packages of all food products must display expiration or best before date, or manufacturers will be fined a maximum of Bt30,000,” he said. “To apply this law to gift baskets, we require the sellers to put only products that expire after January 31 in the baskets, and must allow consumers to return the products until February 29 in case they are not satisfied with product’s quality.”

“As for fruit and vegetable baskets, we advise retailers to prepare the baskets not more than 3 days in advance of the selling date to ensure freshness of the produce,” he added.

Gift baskets that contain alcoholic beverages cannot be displayed in the store or on brochures, as this is in violation of Article 30 (5) of Alcoholic Beverage Control Act B.E. 2561, with punishment of up to 6 years in prison or a Bt11,000 fine, or both, said Sophon.



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