Tesco Lotus offers bags for life to end plastic use


As part of its no-plastic bags policy, Tesco Lotus is providing a "Bag of Life" at its branches to those who do not want single-use plastic, Salinla Seehaphan, the corporate affairs director, revealed.

The "Bag of Life" is a thick plastic bag which can be used several times. The bag is made of recycled plastic, and is sold at Bt3 for small size and at Bt5 for big size.
Salinla explained that the recycled bag distribution scheme was developed after Tesco Lotus surveyed and found that cloth bags sold in the general market were quite expensive. “Their price is an obstacle for people who want to stop using plastic bags,” she added. “Moreover, some reusable bags are not strong enough to support the weight of some products”.
Thoose who opt for the "Bag of Life" can exchange their bags when they are worn out for a new ones at the branch where they bought them from, free of charge.
“Tesco Lotus does not dispose the worn-out bags of, but recycles them into new ones,” she added. “We do not want to add to the plastic waste in accordance with Tesco group’s no-plastic bags policy.”
The first exchange period for the bags will be from January 1 to March 31, 2020.
Besides, Tesco Lotus has provided other kinds of bags apart from the "Bag of Life". Those bags are sold in the price range of Bt19 to Bt99.
In addition, Tesco Lotus, together with other retailers in Thailand, will stop using plastic bags from January 1, according to the government policy