WEDNESDAY, April 17, 2024

52 universities reducing tuition fees

52 universities reducing tuition fees

Fifty-two universities are reducing tuition fees to help students amid the Covid-19 crisis, said Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation Minister Suwit Mesinsee.

With the pandemic affecting the economy and even students indirectly, the ministry had sought cooperation from higher education institutions to help students and reduce the financial burden on their parents and guardians, who are suffering from an economic slowdown, by having universities consider lower education fees, which are being collected from students in the upcoming semester or the first academic year of 2020.

So far, 52 universities are reducing enrollment fees, extending tuition payment terms and lowering or returning service fees. Some have also established a student aid fund.

Thammasat University, for example, has agreed to extend the grace period for payment of tuition fees until the end of the academic year, or August 9, including establishing a fund and supporting 5,000 scholarships totalling Bt15 million.

Chulalongkorn University is refunding dormitory fees.

Kasetsart University is extending the payment period and installments while allocating work grants and grants to undergraduate students.
And Khon Kaen University has established an assistance fund.

“Many universities have tried to adapt to the situation and issue various measures to help students, teachers, university personnel and the general public. Tuition fee reduction guidelines will be issued soon,” Suwit added.