mRNA vaccine against Covid-19 shows initial success on monkeys

MONDAY, JUNE 22, 2020

Thailand seems to be moving closer to finding a Covid-19 vaccine after the first trial on monkeys proved to be successful, leaving them strong and immune to the virus. Scientists were scheduled to launch a second round of testing the mRNA vaccine on the animals on Monday (June 22).

This success means the vaccine should be ready for human testing by October, Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation Minister Suvit Maesincee said.

After two weeks, researchers will check the vaccinated monkeys’ blood to see if they are still immune to Covid-19, before injecting a third dose in August.

The vaccine is being tested on 13 monkeys, who are divided into three groups:

• The first group of five received high doses of the vaccine, and four of the monkeys built up an immunity against the virus;
• The second group of five monkeys were low doses of the virus, and four were able to create antibodies;
• The remaining three monkeys were not vaccinated and were found to not be immune to the virus.
Results of the second round of vaccination should be available at the end of July.