Council hopes farmers get okay to grow marijuana for export


Praphat Panyachatrak, president of the National Farmers Council (NFC), said the council hopes the new law that allows farmers to grow marijuana and hemp for export will be fully enacted next year.

“The legislation draft is being considered by the Public Health Ministry and the National Legislative Assembly, and should be announced soon,” he said. “NFC has always been advocating the cultivation of both plants and we hope new laws will make it easier for farmers to apply to grow them.”
Praphat added that under the new law, farmers can get a permit to grow the plant as soon as they get an order from overseas, without having to cooperate with universities or medical institutes.
The NFC president added that the council is also considering reviving the project of growing wild konjac as biofuel.
“Wild konjac used to be an economic crop in many provinces, but was abandoned later due to a lack of market,” he said. “Now we are thinking of promoting it again to use as fuel for community power plants, which the Energy Ministry plans to put in place as soon as possible.”