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TAT launches ‘ASQ Paradise’ website for foreigners wanting to visit Thailand

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The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has joined up with real-estate firm Locanation and the ASQ Thailand Club to develop the ASQ Tourist Information Centre.



Though the Covid-19 situation in Thailand is improving, and the government is taking steps to promote tourism and rebuild the economy, it is still mandatory for visitors to spend 14 days at an alternative state quarantine (ASQ) site.
Since information about travelling to Thailand in the Covid era has been scarce and confusing, TAT hopes the new information centre will help answer all queries potential visitors may have on alternative state quarantine facilities for foreigners.
The information is available at
It has taken TAT eight weeks to create this platform after it received many complaints and emails asking for information. The website, titled “ASQ Paradise”, allows tourists to book their stay at one of the 115 ASQ hotels. Accommodation is offered in hotels ranging from three to five stars, with stays costing anything from Bt27,000 to Bt220,000 per person.
TAT is also offering activities, albeit virtual, to keep people engaged during their quarantine period, such as the TAT Department Store, which sells anything from luxury helicopter trips to Otop souvenirs.

Published : December 02, 2020

By : The Nation