Raised speed limit of 120 km/hr now in effect


The Royal Gazette website on Wednesday published a transport ministerial regulation raising the speed limit on four lane highways or more from a maximum 90 km/hour to 120 km/hour.

Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob said last month that “the new speed limit aimed to facilitate traffic flow in accordance with current traffic conditions while ensuring road users’ convenience and safety”.

The increased speed limit is applicable for roads/highways that have four or more lanes (two lanes for each direction, divided by median barriers) in a straight section with no intersections or U-turns at road level.

The speed limit for each type of vehicle is:

> Vehicles with less than 7 seats: maximum 120 km/hr

> Vehicles in the rightmost lane: minimum 100 km/hr

> Passenger vehicles of over 7 seats but less than 15 seats: maximum 100 km/hr

> Vehicles with more than 15 seats or weighing over 2,200 kilograms: maximum 90 km/hr

> Tricycles and tow trucks: maximum 65 km/hr

> Motorcycles: maximum 80 km/hr

> Motorcycles with engines of 400cc or more: maximum 110 km/hr

> School buses: maximum 80 km/hr.

In case highways/roads have traffic signs indicating minimum and maximum speeds, vehicle users must maintain speeds within this range, except for when it cannot be done due to traffic conditions or other appropriate reasons.

Raised speed limit of 120 km/hr now in effect