Thailand’s exports of labour cross 60% target

SATURDAY, MAY 25, 2024

Thailand has this year sent more than 60,000 labourers to work legally in 139 countries, 60.7% of target

Thailand has so far sent 60,769 labourers to work in 139 countries worldwide this year, achieving 60.7% of the target of 100,000, Karom Phonphonklang, deputy government spokesman, announced on Saturday.

The top five countries/territories to which Thai labourers have gone to work this year are Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Laos and the United States, Karom said.

He said those who are sent to work overseas under the government's programme will be trained in various topics before their trips, including the working process for foreigners in the target country, their climate, culture, traditions, socio-economic conditions, and employment laws.

Thailand’s exports of labour cross 60% target

“Thai workers who travel to work legally overseas will enjoy benefits and protections under the labour laws of Thailand and the host countries,” he said. 

“The government will also provide assistance and compensation to workers overseas during emergency situations, such as wars, natural disasters, outbreaks, and accidents that result in disability.”

Karom advised Thai workers seeking overseas employment to apply as members of the Thailand Overseas Employment Administration (TOEA) fund, so they may receive benefits and compensations to the fullest extent in case of emergency, or in the event of being abandoned or treated unfairly by employers.

For latest updates on available jobs overseas, visit the Department of Employment’s website at or inquire at Provincial Employment Office, or via DOE hotline 1694.