Nation TV undertakes major revamp of programmes in its 25th year

THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2024

Thailand’s leading news network Nation TV is stepping into its 25th year, embarking on a major transformation under the concept "NEXT to The Future", which includes a revamp of its programming to highlight its strengths in news shows and exclusive talks. 

Additionally, it is bolstering its lineup with community news programmes and integrating AI technology to enhance the capabilities of its editorial team, reinforcing its position as the leading news source dedicated to fostering a better society.

Apirawee Pichayadecha, managing director of Nation TV Co Ltd, said: "For the past 24 years, Nation TV has been dedicated to delivering news that benefits society. We've faced significant challenges in communications technology and the emergence of new platforms that have drastically changed consumer behaviour in news consumption. This has necessitated a rapid organisational transformation to keep pace with the modern world.” 

"The year 2024 marks a crucial step in elevating our news delivery to reach all target audiences under the concept 'NEXT to The Future'. We aim to provide news and content that is beneficial to society from new perspectives while maintaining credibility and in-depth reporting. Additionally, we are enhancing our content with lifestyle segments and community news to better engage viewers and offer more choices, ultimately expanding our future customer base," Apirawee said.

Apirawee Pichayadecha, managing director of Nation TV Co Ltd,

Start each new morning with "NATION Morning News", Monday to Friday from 5.30am to 7.55am. The show includes the "NATION Sports" segment, providing updates on the sports world. Following that, tune in to "NATION Midday News", Monday to Friday from 11.30am to 1.10pm. The prime time segment, "NATION Evening News", will air from 4pm to 4.45pm, followed by "NATION Nightly News" from 5.30pm to 7.55pm.

Nation TV undertakes major revamp of programmes in its 25th year

Nation TV will introduce a new hard talk show to cater to avid news followers. The show delves into hot topics and serves as a voice for the people, thoroughly examining and exposing every issue for the sake of accuracy. The programme "Deep News" airs Monday to Friday from 12.35pm to 1.10pm, starting June 17.

"Yukol crushes the news", hosted by the sharp-tongued news presenter Yukol Wisessang, who will dissect and expose the key news stories of the day that interest the public, airs Monday to Friday from 9.55pm to 10.15pm.

Nation TV will launch new news programmes to broaden its audience base. One such programme is "The News - The Story”. This show delves into local economic practices and teaches viewers about grassroots economics that anyone can follow. It airs Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 10.30am.

"Find to Tell" airs Monday to Friday from 1.20pm to 2pm. This show offers entertaining news clips to recharge viewers during the day, bringing smiles and happiness.

"The Pilot" is an inspirational documentary programme airing every Saturday from 4.40pm to 5.25pm, starting June 8. This show aims to inspire through diverse stories and perspectives, providing encouragement to society.

Nation TV undertakes major revamp of programmes in its 25th year

Nation TV will continue to produce its signature programmes, maintaining the unique content that defines the station. These include "Morning Nation", "Kom Chad Luek", "Nation Insight","Nation Weekend", "Khao Khon Kon Khao". 

Nation TV undertakes major revamp of programmes in its 25th year

Nation TV, a pioneer in leveraging Generative AI technology, has enhanced its journalistic capabilities by introducing "Natcha" and "Natrans", the first AI news anchors in Thailand. This groundbreaking move has gone viral and marks a significant step in improving the efficiency of news production and various marketing activities, including on-ground events, seminars, and dinner talks. 

At the same time, Nation TV is undergoing a significant organisational transformation. This transformation extends beyond traditional TV broadcasting to include online and social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and the Nation TV website. This expansion aims to broaden the viewer base, which currently boasts over 16 million followers across all platforms and achieves daily views exceeding 6 million.

"As we stride into our 25th year, we are dedicated to developing both our organisation and our personnel to keep pace with change in all its forms. Today, Nation TV is not just a news presenter; we are content pioneers, producing informative and beneficial content to foster a creative society. We reach our audience through every communication channel, ensuring you never miss a significant event, 24 hours a day, Apiravee said.

“We extend our heartfelt thanks to all viewers for their continuous support, trust, and faith in Nation TV. This trust is a commitment that we will steadfastly continue our duty to contribute value to Thai society through the presentation of news and beneficial content to the public." Apiravee added.

Nation TV undertakes major revamp of programmes in its 25th year