Thaksin’s mansion under close watch as people wonder where he is


Curious press corps wonder about Thaksin’s whereabouts as he fails to attend lese majeste indictment hearing

A Mercedes Benz van frequently used by former prime minister Thaksin Shinanwatra was seen leaving his Chan Song Lar mansion in Bangkok close to noon on Wednesday. This was after the former leader had failed to show up at the Office of the Attorney-General to hear his indictment order in the morning.

Thaksin’s lawyer Winyat Chartmontree submitted a medical certificate showing that Thaksin had Covid-19 and needed to rest until next week. He then managed to win a postponement of the hearing to June 18.

Thaksin faces indictment on lese majeste and computer crime charges related to an interview he gave to South Korean media in 2015 and posting information that was considered a threat to national security.

The Chan Song Lor mansion in Bangkok’s Bang Plat district, meanwhile, was surrounded all day by an army of reporters waiting for developments.

At 8.30am on Wednesday, some plainclothes police officers were also spotted monitoring the situation from outside before officers from Bang Plat Police Station showed up at 9.15am to maintain order and direct traffic.

Thaksin’s mansion under close watch as people wonder where he is

At 10.40am, a Toyota Fortuner entered the mansion and then drove out five minutes later. This leaving and returning was done several times during the morning.

At 11.55am, a van often used by Thaksin to visit the provinces was seen leaving the mansion. All curtains were pulled blocking the view inside. A security officer at the mansion told reporters the van was empty.

A moment later, a former military officer who was once Thaksin’s aide was seen entering the front gate on a motorcycle and leaving shortly after through the back gate.