Songkran generated 140 billion baht over 21 days, Tourism Ministry says


Sudawan Wangsupakitkosol, minister of tourism and sports, reports that the Economics Tourism and Sports Division has summarised the latest information on Thai and foreign tourists during the Songkran Festival 2024, from April 1-21.

The festival generated a total income of 140.335 billion baht, which is higher than the ministry’s previous estimate that during these 21 days, the total income would be around 132 billion baht.

Sudawan said that during the 21 days, 1,926,443 foreign tourists visited Thailand, generating an income of 90.208 billion baht, while Thai tourists made 13,897,988 trips, generating an income of 50.127 billion baht.

According to data from April 12-16, a total of 461,509 foreign tourists visited Thailand, generating an income of 21.546 billion baht, while Thai tourists made 4,337,848 trips, generating 16.488 billion baht, resulting in a total income of 38.034 billion baht.

The total number of foreign tourists during the 21 days, 1,926,443, represents an increase of 37.54% compared with the same period last year. This increase can be attributed to such government measures as visa waivers, the cancellation of TM.6 forms, and the organisation of large-scale activities, the ministry said.

The surge in foreign tourists comes from both nearby and distant markets.

The top 10 sources of foreign tourist arrivals during this year’s Songkran Festival were as follows:
There were 395,830 tourists from the People’s Republic of China, an increase of 89.16% compared with the same period last year, followed by Malaysian tourists numbering 298,263 people, an increase of 41.62%.

Indian tourists numbered 114,330 people, an increase of 27.53%.

Russian tourists numbered 104,538 people, an increase of 19.61%.

South Korean tourists numbered 84,539 people, an increase of 36.02%.

Laotian tourists numbered 66,396 people, an increase of 43.59%.

British tourists numbered 60,495 people, an increase of 11.31%.

Taiwanese tourists numbered 60,153 people, an increase of 58.74%.

American tourists numbered 56,068 people, an increase of 10.43%.

Indonesian tourists numbered 55,969 people, an increase of 64.52%.

Songkran generated 140 billion baht over 21 days, Tourism Ministry says

The total income generated during the Songkran Festival, amounting to 140,335 million baht, is divided into accommodation at 42.069 billion baht, food and beverages 33.069 billion baht, souvenirs and merchandise 26.839 billion baht, transportation 15.505 billion baht, entertainment 14.758 million baht, tourist services 5.865 million baht, and miscellaneous expenses 2,230 million baht.

During the period, while there was a significant influx of foreign tourists visiting Thailand, Thai people also travelled and enjoyed Songkran water-splashing activities enthusiastically thanks to nationwide events and activities being organised.

The Maha Songkran World Water Festival 2024, held at the Sanam Luang, was an enormous success, drawing a much larger crowd than anticipated, the Tourism Ministry said. The event featured stunning backdrops of the majestic Grand Palace and showcased imagery that resonated globally. Consequently, it became a focal point of interest for international tourists.