New research centre aims to offer readymade AI solutions to all sectors


Amid the increasing role of artificial intelligence (AI) in achieving greater efficiencies and profits in the corporate world, a new research venture aims to help businesses tap the power of AI.

Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology Council (Vista) on Friday,  announced the formation of a new venture, VISTEC, to establish the Thailand Artificial Intelligence Research Institute. The aim is to become a one-stop-service centre for education, experiment, research, and exchange of knowledge on AI. It also will promote and support the development of a digital workforce while developing and researching datasets to answer the rising demands of the industry and digital innovation service business sectors.

Visai AI Co Ltd (VISAI) signed a memorandum of understanding with the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA).

Vista chairman Pailin Chuchottaworn said the purpose of the venture was to ensure maximum benefit from artificial intelligence technology. “Many people have taken advantage of this technology. Not only big business organisations, but all entrepreneurs can tap AI to develop their knowledge and take their business forward,” Pailin said. VISTEC has created VISAI to create all AI solutions for all sectors in collaboration with DEPA, he said.

In the keynote session, Asst. Prof Nuttapon Nimmanphatcharin, the president and CEO of DEPA, spoke on “Ai as Digital Infrastructure”. He said Thailand’s economic structure in 2021 was quite fragile. He divided the pyramid structure into three major parts — the major portion is the agriculture sector while small and medium-sized enterprises are at the top of the pyramid. Big organisations are mostly multinationals, while the presence of big domestic companies is negligible in the economic structure. He thinks the time has come to promote and develop AI technologies to create a strong economic system with an infrastructure that everyone can access and use. He said business competition has been affected by the digital disruption, changing society, changing climate and new diseases. Due to all these reasons, Thailand needed to create systems that would give it a digital competitive advantage in four key areas: digital access, digital connectivity, digital data and digital automation to create sustainable growth.

Another panelist in this event, Assoc Prof Sarana Nutanong, the CEO of Visai, spoke on “Just Add Data”. The process of developing an AI system is collecting data and research to advance the application. “The mission is to enhance the competitiveness of our partners with cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies. Also, to improve the accessibility of advanced modelling techniques to solve real world problems, together with improving tech competency of society through innovative automation and productivity solution for all ages,” he said. He believes Thailand can gain a competitive advantage by leveraging data-centric AI through all needed sectors.

Sarana said that VISAI AI, or just VISAI, was founded this past February with great cooperation from DEPA. VISAI sees an opportunity in applying the mega-tech trend, by developing and presenting high-performance “AI-enabled solutions,” as well as increasing people’s accessibility to AI with the concept “AI for Everyone”. 

In practice, data-centric AI, having been developed similar to service software, has a part in reducing dependency on advanced AI experts for those wishing to apply AI in their businesses. It also enables them to apply VISAI’s off-the-shelf models. This will reduce cost in time and personnel, which is the important factor to reduce entry barriers and increase AI accessibility on a large scale.


New research centre aims to offer readymade AI solutions to all sectors New research centre aims to offer readymade AI solutions to all sectors