Winner of CEO Thailand Award 2023, Shubhodeep Das, shines the light on leadership in the private sector in Chiang Mai


Mr Shubhodeep Das, the founder and group CEO of Hylife Group, won the CEO Thailand Award in 2023, which led Hylife Group to become the business leader in Chiang Mai's private sector in sectors such as real estate, mortgages, debt rehabilitation, food processing, and medical supplies.

The event held on January 29, 2023, at the Amari Don Mueang Airport Hotel, was arranged by the Broadcaster and Journalist's Assembly of Thailand (BJ.AT) to provide awards for the best CEO in Thailand.

Mr Shubhodeep Das led the Hylife Group, which was founded during the COVID-19 outbreak, to overcome the crisis. Initially, Hylife Group was successfully established in medical mask production, land purchase, mortgages, and condominium sales while other businesses were developed, such as food processing and debt rehabilitation.

Winner of CEO Thailand Award 2023, Shubhodeep Das, shines the light on leadership in the private sector in Chiang Mai

During the COVID outbreak, the impact of the employment reduction has impacted all areas of Thailand. Mr. Shubhodeep Das and the management team have assembled a team with strong potential to develop products and services in areas where the COVID-19 outbreak had a smaller impact, like Chiang Mai. The Hylife Group businesses have helped in income distribution during these hard times and helped drive the economy by proving jobs. Even though it went against the trend back then, it was better than doing nothing since COVID-19 caused a tourist city like Chiang Mai to stagnate. Surprisingly, the company's condominium project has received more positive responses than expected because teams with high potential and experience from various places joined the company and drove it to success and the condominium project sold out in less than a year. This has been considered to have a massive impact on new Chiang Mai entrepreneurs. It is believed that Chiang Mai's economy will recover after reopening the country. People have adjusted to living with COVID-19; thus, the company is preparing to develop additional projects to support new business opportunities that will arise.

There are now eight companies in the Hylife Group with registered capital totaling more than 471 million Thai baht: Hylife Asset Co., Ltd., Hylife Developments Co., Ltd., Hylife Property Development Co., Ltd., Dr. Hygiene Medical Products Co., Ltd., Pinnacle Asset Management, HA Construction Co., Ltd., Hylife IBC Co., Ltd., and Hylife Global Foods Co., Ltd. The last two businesses recently received investment promotions from The Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI), which motivates Hylife Group to strive and always prepare to move forward to strengthen and sustainably grow the Thai economy.