Another award for TPI Polene Power (TPIPP) 


TPI Polene Power Plc (TPIPP) generates electricity from waste heat, municipal solid waste (MSW) and coal. With 180MW MSW-fired capacity, it is the largest power producer of its kind in Thailand. Its 220MW coal-fired plants are modified (in phases) to run on 100% MSW starting 2026. 

Thai MSW comes in a highly heterogeneous form in: heating value, moisture content and general characteristics. The Achilles heel of MSW power plants is on how to maximize calorific yield, process 100% of the by-product and keep a tight lid on processing cost.

TPIPP's success was borne out of years of trials and several permutations using its modified version of the MBT facility (proprietary process). With coal trading close to USD200/t switching to MSW makes economic sense. In addition, there is significant amount of carbon credits each year that currently is not yet monetized.  

To maintain its competitive moat, TPIPP devotes its R&D resources to innovate in many key areas. While TPIPP's NOx/SOx coefficients are low, far below the World Bank's limit, bringing down these values further remains the long term commitment.

Khun Pakkapol, Executive Vice President (Finance) and Dr. Porakrit, Executive Vice President (Production) of TPI Polene Power Pcl receiving the Most Innovative Green Practices towards ESG - Waste Management   - Thailand 2022 by the International Finance Magazine. For more corporate information/updates visit