Unveiling 'SANGA' - Thailand's first digital real estate platform that redefines lifestyle investment


Bangkok: - SANGA, a newly launched comprehensive digital real estate platform, is available for investors seeking innovative opportunities that seamlessly integrate diverse lifestyles with investment strategies.

The unveiling event of SANGA, a platform that can digitize international properties into digital deeds, tailored for lifestyle of the contemporary investment landscape. SANGA offers a convenience avenue for investors globally that prioritize short-term and long-term investment returns, under the leadership of Mr. Niran Pravithana, Chief Executive Officer of Ava Advisory Group and Avantis Laboratory, Mr. Pidok Sooksawas, Deputy Chief Investment Officer of Rende Development Co., Ltd., and Mr. Ekachai Sukumvitaya, Executive Committee and Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Jaymart Group Holding PCL. The inaugural event took place at the prestigious Rosewood Bangkok hotel during the last September which was attended by over 30 investors and prominent figures with a keen interest in international real estate, investments, and tourism. With notable attendees included Ms. Paetongtarn Shinawatra, Dr. Laleewan Kanchanachari, Napassanan Pannipa, Dr. Ausanee Mahagitsiri Leonio, and many others. The event also featured insights from early actual users of the SANGA platform who shared their firsthand experiences with this innovative Lifestyle Investment approach.

Unveiling \'SANGA\' - Thailand\'s first digital real estate platform that redefines lifestyle investment

Mr. Piranart Chokwatna expressed his views on SANGA as follows: “Becoming a SANGA member with full-confidence level in the platform, primarily due to the exemplary developer teams behind SANGA, as well as the substantial benefits it offers in both lifestyle and investment prospects. SANGA members are entitled to discounts for real estate investments, as well as the potential Capital Gain from property sales in the future. Moreover, SANGA also offers Stay Credits for accommodations in SANGA's global portfolio of properties. All of these are exclusive advantages available only for prestige members of SANGA.”

Mr. Warut Suthinan, the CEO of AESLA CO., LTD., a leading importer and distributor of global-level medical and cosmetic beauty equipment, expressed his keen interest in SANGA by stating, “I am interested in SANGA, primarily due to its well-defined strategic plan for continuously expanding their real estate investment platform into several other countries. SANGA has earned its reputation as a credible investment platform, offering a distinctive experience unparalleled by other platforms. The properties featured within the platform are highly attractive for both investment and accommodation purposes.” Mr. Warut further suggested that “if SANGA were to consider enhancing its member services by incorporating transportation and tourism-related benefits in addition to the existing Stay Credits for accommodation within SANGA's real estate portfolio, it would make SANGA ideally align with the contemporary lifestyle of modern investors. Additionally, the prospect of SANGA's plans for expansion of real estate investment opportunities in Thailand holds immense intrigue, especially considering the current trend in real estate investments domestically. Lastly, if SANGA organizes occasional investor meet-up events, it would make SANGA become widely renowned among potential investors."

Unveiling \'SANGA\' - Thailand\'s first digital real estate platform that redefines lifestyle investment

Preeyamul Thanavisut, Managing Director of Web Publishing Co., Ltd. (HiSoParty Magazine) stated that “SANGA has revolutionized the travel landscape. Previously, when one would have to travel for business or leisure trips. Accommodation costs could accumulate over the course of the year. On the contrary, by investing in SANGA, accommodation expenses have been converted to a tangible real estate investment, capable of being rented out or eventually sold for capital gain. Whenever one travels internationally, there would be no need for accommodation expenses anymore. While currently, SANGA only features international properties in the United Kingdom and Japan, SANGA will expand its courses to other countries in the near future.”

The SANGA platform offers an alternative for those who prefer lifestyle investments. The underlying fundamentals of SANGA revolves around investing in high-potential real estate properties, meticulously picked by a dedicated team of real estate experts. Moreover, SANGA facilitates international property investments by giving the opportunity for domestic investments to buy, sell, or hold rights to international property, all in the form of digital deeds.

The digital deed enables a more convenient and secure property transfer method, enabling services accessible globally with lower transaction cost compared to conventional paper deeds. Additionally, SANGA offers special privileges to their prestigious users, such as the ability to stay in accommodation worldwide that featured in SANGA’s portfolio using Stay Credits, particularly in the United Kingdom and Japan. In the near future, SANGA plans to expand its course to Australia, Hong Kong, and many other countries. Members are entitled to receive up to 70 Stay Credits, without any expiration date. Moreover, members can enjoy a maximum discount of 25% when purchasing additional Stay Credits beyond their initial allocation.

In the investment aspect, if investors decide to invest with SANGA property, SANGA will offer an attractive proposition of converting 50% of the member's value into an additional discount.

For those interested in acquiring further information about SANGA, please feel free to contact us at www.sanga.group, call us at 02-114-8826 or Line official: @SANGA