SATURDAY, March 02, 2024

Full speed ahead: Liberator takes Thai investors to US stock market

Full speed ahead: Liberator takes Thai investors to US stock market

Liberator Securities Ltd, inventor of Social Investment Platform and Thailand’s first 100% digital broker, continues to expand its spectrum of financial services with the latest addition of offshore securities trading function, starting with securities of US companies.

Investing in the US stock market has always been popular among worldwide investors, thanks to vast investment opportunities in a variety of modern industries and markets including artificial intelligence (AI), e-commerce, biotechnology and fintech. 

The US is also a home of world-leading corporations such as Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia and Tesla, as well as over 3,000 exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in commodity products, gold, tourism, technology, and healthcare industries that offer high dividends. 

Investing in US securities therefore grants investors access to rapidly growing markets that help diversify the risks from political and economic impacts in their home countries.

“We choose the United States to launch our offshore securities trading service as it is a big market that global investors are interested in,” said Liberator's chief executive officer, Pavalin Limthongchai.

“Via Liberator’s service, anyone can invest in world-class companies to maximise their profit opportunity,” she added. “New investors looking for low-risk portfolios can select securities of S&P 500 companies with the help of our consultants, who have expertise in offshore investment.”

Pavalin underscored Liberator’s commitment to its goal of “creating equal investment opportunities for all”. This is reflected in the offering of a commission-free online trading service for offshore securities until March 31, 2024, via the LIBERATOR mobile application.

Investors can enjoy a variety of benefits when trading US securities on the LIBERATOR app, namely: 1) Buy any securities or ETF under your name to receive full benefits of shareholders, including dividends and right offering’s reservation. 2) Be insured up to US$ 500,000 under Securities Investor Protection Corporation (for investment of less than US$ 250,000), and 3) Buy fractional shares of high-profile securities at a starting price of only US$1.

Full speed ahead: Liberator takes Thai investors to US stock market

New customers can register a new user account for free via the LIBERATOR app or

After being approved, users can start opening an account for offshore securities trading by selecting “Manage Account”, then “Open Account”, and finally “Offshore” and input the information.

Liberator’s customers can trade both domestic and offshore securities on one convenient platform, where they can also find comprehensive, easy-to-use financial tools.

The company’s latest information and announcements can be found on Facebook Page: Liberator Securities, and Line Official Account @Liberator.