SATURDAY, March 02, 2024

Reveal Telehouse's perspective and strengths with Ken Miyashita, Managing Director of Telehouse Thailand

Reveal Telehouse's perspective and strengths with Ken Miyashita, Managing Director of Telehouse Thailand

“Telehouse Thailand”, one of the world’s leaders in providing data center services, is launching the first Interconnection Data Center in Thailand using 100% renewable energy energy certified by The I-REC Standard to support robust data connectivity, and emphasizing Colocation and Cross-connect services.

Nowadays, the world has further developed and fully entered the digital era, in which the changing times including technological advancement have influenced people’ lives in almost every way. Therefore, our daily routine is connected to the internet 24 hours a day. However, the important connectivity ecosystem for everyone is security and reliability. 

Today, Nation Group would like to introduce “Telehouse Thailand”, which has officially opened a company in Thailand. A world-class Purpose-Built Interconnection Data Center with more than 45 branches covering over 10 countries through a diverse connectivity ecosystem from more than 1,000 service providers around the world, with an investment of more than 2,800 million baht. Along with the aims of positioning Thailand as Southeast Asia's secure and reliable connectivity hub, and supporting the development of Thailand’s digital society.

Telehouse Thailand is one of the world’s leading Data Center providers. Ken Miyashita, Managing Director of Telehouse Thailand, explained the importance of Data Center and Interconnection Data Center services, saying that the data is typically conveyed back and forth between content providers and end-users via telecommunication lines and the Internet, and is stored on servers in the Data Center.  ‘Interconnection’ means that 2 things are connected to each other. The role of Interconnection Data Center is to connect content providers and end users seamlessly for better efficiency. Therefore, Data Center is important to support growing data traffic, which is expected to continue increasing in the 5G era. 

The reason why Telehouse established a company in Thailand along with launching its data center is because the company sees that as more public cloud providers in the market, more data traffic will be generated. The company expected Thailand to be the next potential market with high demand for cloud. In fact, some of the major cloud entries were announced last year. Telehouse Thailand aspires to position itself as the most connected Data Center in Thailand to respond to a growing interconnection demand to manage huge data traffic generated from major clouds, which marks the launch of the first data center in Thailand that uses 100% renewable energy.

Telehouse Thailand emphasizes on Colocation and Cross-connect services with a capacity of 1,000 racks, which customers can operate IT assets safely to expand their business. The strengths of Telehouse Thailand is its Purpose-Built Interconnection  Data Center located in Bangkok city center, including all major Thai telecom providers present in Data Center . And a 4-route diverse fiber duct to maximize Network Redundancy is also another key strength of the company.

Moreover, the company has set its growth goal by supporting the internet as a digital utility and contributing to sustainable growth of Thailand's digital society to enable people to maximize benefit from IT and enrich their lives. Also, improving the internet connectivity environment by gathering as much Internet data traffic as possible to be the optimal Internet hub in Thailand. 

In addition, Telehouse Thailand has an operating policy aligned with the global target, which the company aims to achieve Net-Zero CO2 emissions of all global Telehouse Data Centers by 2026. The company has already started using I-REC certified renewable energy since its operation, along with ensuring that all Telehouse’s customers comply with carbon neutrality as well as being one of the driving forces and contributing to sustainable growth of society by promoting the use of green energy and mitigating the environmental impact.

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