Earn extra income with the Thailand Elite Visa Referral program

FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 2024

Private individuals and commercial entities alike can earn extra income through the new Thailand Elite Visa referral program by simply helping clients, friends, and family members sign up for the Thailand Privilege program. The program’s operator, the Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. (TPC), has authorized Siam Legal Thailand to build out our sales network by rewarding affiliates for every successful applicant they refer.

What is the Thailand Elite Visa program?

The Thailand Elite Visa is a convenient, long-term visa available through the Thailand Privilege program, which also provides exclusive perks and VIP services. Applicants can choose from four different membership options, with terms ranging from 5 to 20 years. To promote this visa and draw a steady stream of qualified applicants, the TPC has partnered with law firms and other organizations to act as General Sales and Services Agents (GSSAs).

These GSSAs promote the Thailand Elite Visa program by providing free consultations and application preparation assistance to prospective members. Siam Legal International is a full-service law firm in Thailand and one of the largest and most successful GSSAs. As such, we have permission to award extra income to those individuals and organizations who join our Thailand Elite Referral Program and help us recruit new members to Thailand Privilege.

Earn extra income with the Thailand Elite Visa Referral program

Why join Siam Legal’s referral program?

Siam Legal’s Thailand Elite Visa referral program is open to everyone, from content creators to real estate agents and other law firms to private citizens. Enrolling in the referral program is also straightforward, as affiliates are provided with an easy-to-use referral portal that can be accessed with a personal link.

Affiliates acting as Siam Legal’s sub-agents only need to refer the Thailand Privilege membership program to a client, friend, or family member and provide the prospect with a link to their unique referral portal. Following this link, the referral will be taken to an online sign-up form where they can complete the application. Should that referral successfully join the Thailand Privilege program, the affiliate gets paid by Siam Legal. It’s that simple.

What are the commission rates for Siam Legal’s referral program?

Siam Legal offers the most competitive commission rates out of all the listed GSSAs authorized by the Thai government. Our affiliates make a flat percentage of each membership fee paid to the TPC, but with every 5 successful sales, the affiliate moves up a tier and earns a higher percentage of commission. 

Each membership tier has a higher membership fee than the last, so higher-tier referrals earn higher commissions. However, 5 sales of any tier will put the affiliate into the next tier to earn a higher percentage of each membership fee. Our affiliates can earn up to 233,000 THB for successful referrals.

Alongside receiving commission, affiliates are also entitled to the following list of benefits:

  • As a sub-agent, affiliates can request support on all things related to Thailand Privilege by consulting Siam Legal’s Thailand Elite team.
  • Companies can increase their exposure by associating with the Thailand Elite brand, the most exclusive and rewarding visa program in Thailand.
  • Affiliates can connect with immigration experts to further expand their professional network.
  • Affiliated sub-agents gain access to up-to-date resources and information about the Thailand Privilege program and its future plans, which can be shared with customers and clientele.

Fast, easy, and lucrative: Join Siam Legal’s referral program today!

To request more information about our Thailand Elite Visa Referral Program, contact Siam Legal. Prospective affiliates can also sign up directly online by completing the Thailand Elite Affiliate sign-up form on our website. Siam Legal’s Thailand Elite team stands ready to help both individuals and commercial entities join us to earn extra income and strengthen their brands.

Earn extra income with the Thailand Elite Visa Referral program