“Singha Park” launches “Tea Infuse” ready-to-drink cold brew tea, continuing the success of Nan signature blend

FRIDAY, MAY 24, 2024

“Singha Park Chiang Rai” continues its innovation in tea products with the launch of “Tea Infuse” a ready-to-drink cold brew tea available in convenient sachets.

This new product can be easily infused by shaking it in a water bottle, making it ready to enjoy immediately. Using specially selected Assam tea leaves from Nan province and high-quality tea leaves from Singha Park’s plantations in Chiang Rai, “Tea Infuse” is produced through a Cold Brew method, which extracts the tea leaves quickly in cold water, resulting in a smooth flavor and retaining the distinctive aroma of the tea leaves.

Mr. Pongrat Luangthamrongcharoen, Managing Director of Singha Park Chiang Rai Company Limited stated that the continuous health-conscious behavior of consumers has influenced their beverage choices, with tea consumption being a significant trend. This has led to market expansion, reflecting the growth of the Ready-To-Drink Tea market in all dimensions, including consumption volume and value growth across various sales channels. The market value of ready-to-drink tea has grown by 18%, with a volume growth of 16.6%. The sales channels, such as general stores, have also seen a growth of 16%. Tea's growth rate is among the highest compared to the overall beverage market, aligning with the popularity of Singha Park tea, both domestically and internationally. We emphasize quality from cultivation to production, with high standards maintained from our tea plantations in Chiang Rai and Nan provinces, which are ideal in terms of climate and geography, producing high-quality tea for diverse market demands.

From the success of the Nan Signature Blend launched earlier this year, our Tea Tuning Center has developed “Tea Infuse,” a convenient cold brew tea sachet for tea enthusiasts. Utilizing premium Assam and Oolong tea leaves from our plantations in Nan and Chiang Rai, the Cold Brew method allows for quick extraction in cold water, providing a smooth, mellow flavor.

“Tea Infuse” cold brew tea is available in three flavors: Oolong Tea with Chamomile and Osmanthus flowers infused with L-Theanine for a mellow taste that helps relax and refresh the mind during the day, suitable for anyone seeking relaxation and mental clarity; Red Tea with Rose and Strawberry flavors, featuring special-character Assam tea leaves from Nan mixed with collagen to brighten every day; and Matcha Green Tea with Apple and Peppermint flavors mixed with fiber, selected from quality tea leaves from Maruzen factory cultivated in Japanese tradition, offering a refreshing taste with a sweet and sour apple flavor and peppermint aroma, ideal for consumers with an active lifestyle or outdoor enthusiasts seeking daily vitality.