Roche launches the mySugr® App in Thailand

MONDAY, JULY 12, 2021

● With more than 3 million registered users, the mySugr, a digital diabetes management, that aims to simplify life with diabetes. ● The mySugr app is an integral part of Roche’s open ecosystem and its primary patient interface, supporting people with diabetes in their daily therapy management.

Roche today announced that the mySugr app is now available in Thailand in English language. Users of mySugr can track relevant diabetes data wirelessly on their Apple or Android smartphones, supporting their daily diabetes management. In combination with the open ecosystem from Roche, the app enables data sharing capabilities and connects people with diabetes with their caregivers.


With a prevalence of 8.3% for the number of adults (20-79 years) with impaired glucose tolerance, Thailand is among the top ten countries in the world with the highest prevalence of diabetes in the world. The mySugr app makes it quick and easy to collect relevant therapy data in one place through a growing number of connected devices, such as the Accu-Chek Guide or the Accu-Chek Instant blood glucose meters, and integrations with other solutions, such as Apple Health providing data-driven decision support for users. Some of its key features include a personalised logging screen, an estimated HbA1c, an overview of the past 7, 14, 30 and 90 days and a blood glucose graph representing logged blood sugar values.

Roche launches the mySugr® App in Thailand

Speaking on the significance of the launch in Thailand, Mihai Irimescu, Head of Roche Diabetes Care in the country said: “We’re very happy and proud to bring the mySugr app, which supports diabetes treatment through data management, to people living with the condition in Thailand. Data plays a key role in diabetes management. It helps people living with diabetes manage their daily diabetes routine, and healthcare professionals to adjust therapy. However, collecting and managing diabetes data is usually cumbersome and time-consuming. The mySugr app simplifies life with diabetes, making it quick and easy to collect relevant therapy data in one place through a growing number of connected devices, integrations and manual entry. We look forward to hearing the success stories as a result of introducing this digital solution in Thailand.”

The mySugr app simplifies life with diabetes

Through manual log entries, users can additionally include information about the insulin therapy, current and target blood glucose levels, stress levels, medication, carbohydrate intake or details of activities. Furthermore, the mySugr app provides motivational triggers, feedback on the current therapy status and attractive feature; mySugr monster for staying motivated to stick to the therapy, and therefore increasing therapy compliance. Besides the Basic app version, users connecting an Accu-Chek meter to the mySugr app are automatically changed to mySugr PRO. The PRO version offers access to valuable features such as comprehensive PDF and Excel reports that can be shared for example via email with healthcare professionals, a photo function to remember meals taken, a search tool to detect patterns in the daily diabetes management.

Integration with the RocheDiabetes Care Platform

mySugr users will also be able to integrate data into the RocheDiabetes Care Platform, a state of the art clinician software providing meaningful, actionable insights and a user friendly format, which has been available in Thailand since mid 2020. This is a holistic, patient-centred therapeutic approach with the goal of personalising diabetes management to streamline care and facilitate communication between patients and their healthcare team.

The integration of mySugr user data into the RocheDiabetes Care Platform will allow people with diabetes to share data remotely from their mySugr Logbook with their healthcare professional, enabling them to more easily discuss therapy-relevant data with healthcare professionals, and receive more personalised therapy adjustments.