Bangkok's massage parlours repurposed as squeaky clean condos, offices

SUNDAY, JUNE 19, 2022

Many massage parlours in Bangkok have been turned into residences, offices or hotels as the Covid-19 pandemic has either resulted in properties being seized or operators selling off.

Even though entertainment venues, including massage parlours, have been allowed to operate, not many have been commercially viable due to a drop in customers and insufficient funds.

Many real-estate developers have purchased massage parlours to turn them into residential units, office buildings or hotels as they are located in the centre of town with easy access to transport. Closed down massage parlours are also attractive to developers because land in downtown Bangkok is running low and is very expensive.

For instance, the Chaophya 2 Bath and Massage in Phya Thai district has been turned into an office complex after the business shut down at the beginning of the year, a Bangkok Metropolitan Administration source said.

The source added that only some 100 of more than 500 massage parlours in the capital are still surviving.


Meanwhile, the Agency for Real Estate Affairs managing director Wasan Kongchan said more than 80 per cent of massage parlour operators have sold off their venues because their business came to a standstill due to the Covid-19 pandemic.