Top 5 Flower Arrangements for Your Special One dur...


Top 5 Flower Arrangements for Your Special One dur...

There’s no better time of the year to express how much you care about someone you love, other than Valentine’s Day. It’s the special day for that special someone, a day when you can go all out to buy special gifts - such as flowers.

That time of the year is almost around the corner. Do you plan to visit a flower shop soon, but are not quite sure which flower arrangement would be best for your special one? Here are some suggestions:

Top 5 Flower Arrangements for Your Special One dur...


Pink Perfect

Want to show your special one love in a perfect way this year’s Valentine? Then do so with a ‘pink perfect’ flower arrangement of 9 pink roses, four pastel lilies, some ferns, and other matching fillers. This perfect combination of Thai flowers comes in a colourful hand-tied bouquet and will make a great romantic or Valentine’s Day gift for the one you love, especially if they like or look good in pink.

Classic Red

Nothing says you love your Valentine passionately more than a bouquet of fresh, red, long-stemmed Kung Ming roses, which is as classic as you can get. This premium and romantic Valentine’s Day flower arrangement contains 24 long-sttemmed roses that are the best available, as well as the most popular romantic gifts in Thailand; and your special one will really appreciate you for using them to show your love come February 14th. 

Arms Full of Love

Express your feelings for your special one in a big way with the ‘arms full of love’ flower arrangement. This Valentine’s Day special bouquet is a very large and hand-tied one with 24 red roses and 4 pink stargazer lilies added to give the bouquet an elevated and royal look. To make it even better, the stargazer lilies come with a very nice fragrance, and that is one more reason your lover will welcome this special Valentine’s Day gift.

Top 5 Flower Arrangements for Your Special One dur...

Pure and Lucky

The ‘pure and lucky’ flower bouquet is a beautiful arrangement of 9 white roses. White is a symbol of purity all over the world, and because 9 is a lucky number in Thailand, flowers here are usually sent in multiples of 9. So use this remarkable arrangement to show that special one how pure your love for them is, and how lucky you feel to have them as a friend or lover.

Colorful Fragrance

Attractively colorful and possessing a subtle scent your loved one is sure to find pleasing, this flower bouquet is made up of differently colored Alstroemeria flower, a relative of the lily also known as the Peruvian lily. Colors in this arrangement include lavender (3 stems), white (7 stems), yellow (7 stems) and apricot (4 stems), all nice colors with which to express your undying love for that special one.

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