Sustainability a pillar of Radisson Hotel Group’s long-term success after Covid-19


Radisson Hotel Group (RHG), one of the world's leading hotel company, expressed its vested commitment to sustainability, as the world turns more to green practices.

RHG's Chief Development Officer for Asia Pacific, Ramzy Fenianos, recently told The Nation in an exclusive interview that the Covid-19 pandemic had made the world realize the importance of the environment and how tremendously it could affect everyone’s life. 

"Covid-19 has shown people the value of human life and the fragility of our world, and this has accelerated the drive for sustainability as a key pillar in the industry," he said.

Fenianos stated that RHG's mission is to adapt to the needs of its customers while maintaining the group’s firm commitment to responsible business and sustainability practices.

Therefore, RHG is incorporating more innovative methods and tools to elevate the overall process aimed at achieving sustainability.

Radisson Hotel Group launched its first environmental policy in 1989. That landmark move has helped to significantly reduce its carbon footprint over the past years. By 2025, the Group aims to achieve its goal of reducing carbon emissions by 30% and eventually be carbon neutral by 2050.

To achieve its ambitious goal, RHG, in collaboration with the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), has developed a new set of sustainability indicators known as ”Hotel Sustainability Basics”.

Sustainability a pillar of Radisson Hotel Group’s long-term success after Covid-19

According to Fenianos, Hotel Sustainability Basics serve as a key performance index. For example, the Group is deploying the use of tools to reduce water consumption, and choosing local suppliers to reduce carbon footprint.

Moreover, energy conservation, waste reduction, and lowering of carbon emissions are also listed in the set as additional requirements.

"One of the most important task before us is to motivate our hotel owners to make their property and asset sustainable, such as setting up water bottling plants within the hotel or partnering with other companies to install electric charging stations," he said.

Radisson Hotel Group has set intermediate targets in order to meet this ambitious mid-term decarbonization goal. One of these critical short-term steps is the implementation of the Hotel Sustainability Basics in all RHG hotels worldwide by the end of 2023.

In addition, as part of its efforts to encourage greater participation in protecting the environment, RHG welcomes its clients to take part in and benefit from these sustainability measures. Radisson Rewards members can make their hotel stays carbon neutral by redeeming just 325 points per day to offset the carbon footprint of their stay in a reliable and seamless way. Radisson Rewards is one of the few loyalty programs to offer this option in points and as an integral part of the stay, making green stays easy campaign.

Sustainability a pillar of Radisson Hotel Group’s long-term success after Covid-19

Fenianos mentioned that according to Expedia Research in April 2022, 90% of travellers want to see sustainable options, and 95% of Asia-Pacific travellers choose sustainable options. The trend points to an increasing number of travelers showing a willingness to pay for sustainable options.

"We realize that today’s travelers are willing to pay more for an environmentally friendly, convenient, cleaner, and safer stay. I could say that sustainability is requested by most of our guests," he stated. 

Aside from focusing on sustainability, RHG also plans to continue its expansion strategy as the global tourism industry recovers. 

Despite challenges such as inflation, RHG continues to grow in key markets in the region, including Thailand.

Sustainability a pillar of Radisson Hotel Group’s long-term success after Covid-19

Fenianos said that RHG intends to add value to Thailand’s tourism, and added that the rich diversity of Thai natural resources, food, and culture would be key factors in making Thailand’s tourism stronger and more sustainable.

"We have a very positive outlook on Thailand's market and have full faith in its potential," Fenianos said.

The Group continues to be vested in the growth of Thailand and the region, and prioritises relationships with hotel owners, travelers, and employees while also advocating sustainability, he concluded.