AP-SCG in green construction partnership


AP Thailand pcl has joined hands with SCG’s Cement and Green Solution Business to reaffirm its position to drive the green construction industry through environmentally friendly processes and businesses.

This partnership aligns with the concept of a Low Carbon Economy, aiming to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050. Together, they aim to transform worthless substances into invaluable resources, forging an alliance towards sustainability.

The initiative begins with a focus on each and every process of construction work in line with the concept of holistic green construction, particularly when it comes to ready-mix cement and concrete – a principal material in real estate development.  

Boonchai Jankrajanglerd , Chief Supply Chain Officer, AP Thailand PCL. and Surachai Nimlaor, Vice President, SCG’s Cement & Green Solution Business

AP trusts and uses the new innovative low-carbon structural cement and CPAC Low Carbon Concrete from SCG which focuses on developing innovations to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in an environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

Last year, the company was able to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2,355,807 kilogrammes through the use of eco-friendly concrete innovation. That was equivalent to planting 261,756 trees.  

Green Construction is part of AP Thailand’s commitment to sustainable development (ESG)

SCG’s low-carbon structural cement represents a new industrial standard. It is durable and can withstand compression force as good as or even better than Portland cement as Thailand’s first hydraulic cement.

A tonne of hydraulic cement production can reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the manufacturing process by 0.05 tonne while earth-friendly CPAC Low Carbon Concrete helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions in manufacturing by 170 kilogrammes/cubic metres per 10 cubic metres of concrete, an equivalent to planting 17 trees.